DMK Copper Coiled Jacketed Vessels

This is an alternative to glass jacketed vessels, which are commonly known to break, causing long down times. The copper coils are heated or cooled to the customer’s requirements using various methods. Sandwiched between the coils and glass is a high / low temperature carbon based membrane of approximately 3mm thick, allowing for expansion and contraction, this carbon based membrane is also super conductive, spreading the desired temperature evenly over the glassware.

Each coil can be controlled or turned off, and a window is left open at the front to allow viewing of the contents and conditions of the inside of the vessel.



Isolating valves control each coil, and coils are supported at the front and back of the vessel. All wetted parts of the stainless steel valves are PTFE to allow the use of silicone oil.




Stainless steel manifolds feed the flow and return, with air vents at the top and feeds at the bottom



 Coil supports are shown at the front and back