Glass lined repair and reglassing

We are proud to announce that here at DMK, we now offer a repair and reglassing service for Glass lined reactors and accessories which will save you and your company time and money.

Reglassing is a complex process that provides efficient, cost-effective repair to old, damaged or worn glass-lined vessels and their accessories, such as agitators, baffles and covers.
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Replacing a damaged glass lined reactor or any glass lined items is a costly and time consuming endeavour. Lead times for a replacement vessel can be 6 months or more and the cost can make a significant dent in the annual budget. 

However, there is a simpler, cheaper and speedier way of dealing with your damaged glass lined reactor or glass lined equipment. 

Here at DMK we now offer a repair and refurbishment service for glass lined reactors as part of our ongoing commitment to provide as many options to our customers as possible to aid them in ensuring that, should the worst happen, the loss of production time is kept to an absolute minimum.

The Process 

  1. Pictures and Dimensions - We start by asking you to send us a few pictures and dimensions of your damaged reactor. We then complete an initial examination, using your details, to give you a preliminary evaluation as to whether or not a repair can be undertaken. There are occasions when a repair is not possible but for the time it takes to complete an email it is always worth exploring this option before opting to buy new.
  2. Site Visit and pricing - There may be times when it is necessary for one of our representatives to visit your site to obtain more information. This is not always the case but whether this is necessary or not we can then provide you with a quote and lead time for the repair of your vessel
  3. Removal and repair - Once an agreement has been reached, DMK will arrange for the collection of the vessel and have the repairs undertaken. The lead times run between 8-12 weeks dependent on size of the vessel and the amount of repairs that need to be completed 
  4. Return - Once the repairs have been completed, the vessel will be returned looking like new, for a fraction of the price of a replacement and in a much with a much quicker turnaround

Before and After

Whats included and technical info

  1. Disassembly of jacket from vessel (a new jacket is not included *)
  2. removal of existing Enamel coating
  3. Welding and grinding of defects to the vessel below the enamel (if any)
  4. New Glass Enamel - Enamel WENDEL Colour: Blue, type G3084SB, checked and tested according to EN ISO 28721
  5. Reassembly
  6. Painting of vessel in RAL7035
  7. Return Delivery to your site
  8. *Please note that if the jacket is damaged (which is not usually the case) , a new jacket would result in extra cost

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